Different Types Of Tomatoes – An Overview

varietiesThere are many different types of tomatoes that are grown today. This vegetable is often eaten with salads, placed on sandwiches, and can be used for a variety of dishes for many meals. Tomatoes grow on vines that can reach up to 10 feet in length, and are also grown hydroponically in nutrient filled solutions.

There are many benefits to eating tomatoes. They contain a wide variety of vitamins including vitamin A, vitamin C and a variety of antioxidants, including lycopene, which can help prevent free radical damage of your cells. Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular kinds of tomatoes that are grown and used by people today.

Cherry Tomatoes

Almost everyone has eaten cherry tomatoes before. They are a popular vegetable that is sold at organic and traditional grocery stores today. They are also grown every year by avid gardeners that enjoy their juicy sweet flavor. They are a cluster variance of tomatoes, growing to about the size of a cherry.

Roma Tomatoes

Also called plum tomatoes and they are the antithesis of cherry tomatoes, possessing the least amount of juice when compared to all other varieties. They are very thick and also contain fewer seeds than other tomatoes grown today. They are most beneficial for people creating pasta sauces.

Heirloom Tomatoes

These tomatoes are becoming very popular with gourmet chefs today. They are extremely large, coming in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Although they are beneficial because of their size and flavor, they only remain rpe for a very brief time, making them one of the most easily perishable tomatoes grown today.

Pear Tomatoes

Pear tomatoes also come in a cluster, similar to cherry tomatoes. They are pear-shaped, which is why they are so aptly named. They are similar in size to cherry tomatoes as well, yet they do not possess the same amount of flavor nor the high levels of juice.

Globe Tomatoes

This particular variety of tomatoes are the most common found today. When you go to your grocery store, or if you order a hamburger with a tomato slice, this is the type of tomato that you typically will receive. They are also known as slicing tomatoes or beefsteak tomatoes, and can also grow to be quite large. Some of them may actually way as much as 2 pounds apiece, making them very useful in the culinary and restaurant professions.

Pritchard Tomatoes

This is a variety of the heirloom tomato and is a breed that is openly pollinated. It originates in the United States and is harvested from plants that can grow up to 6 feet high. It is red in skin color and flesh color and possesses a smooth thick walled variety that is extremely tasty and juicy.

Casa del Sol Tomatoes

The Casa del Sol tomato is a hybrid breed and is grown toward the middle of the growing season. It has a narrow leaf and originates from a determinate plants type that will grow only 3 feet high. It is a plum shaped tomato that is red in color and has a unique texture and flavor that many people prefer to eat today.

Although there are many different varieties of tomatoes grown worldwide, this small sampling covers some of the most popular ones that are available. Regardless of the kind of tomato that you prefer to eat or grow, by eating them on a regular basis with your regular meals, you can benefit from the vitamins and antioxidant combination that only these different types of tomatoes can provide.