Advice on How to Plant Tomatoes

Gardening enthusiasts know that there are several key points regarding how to plant tomatoes. For those that are new to the hobby, it can be a bit daunting to sift through all of the information available. However, even those with limited knowledge can have a successful tomato garden.

how to plantThe first step in having a successful tomato garden is knowing when to transfer them outdoors. The last frost must have passed. Many cities have charts available that span several years, showing the high and low temperatures. It is preferable for the tomato gardener to wait a couple of weeks past the last potential frost than plant them too soon and risk losing the entire crop.

During those weeks, many gardeners begin to harden off their crops. Transferring the plants outdoors during the day and returning them to an indoor location at night gives the tomato plant the opportunity to begin acclimating to the outside. This helps them also should unseasonably cool weather strike once they are in the ground.

Tomatoes must be planted in a sunny location in order to maximize their growth. Most varieties require a minimum of eight hours sunlight each day. Hills, trees, and buildings can all interfere with this light throughout the day. Therefore, it is critical that the landscape be checked prior to planting to ensure that this will not occur.

Tomatoes have a shallow root system. They should not be planted near other vegetation that does as well. The competition for nutrients and water can diminish the health and output of the plant. For this reason, some gardeners choose to transfer their tomato plants into containers or clear the land of roots prior to planting. If competing roots from a tree have been removed, it is important that a barrier is put in place to prevent them from taking over the area once the tomatoes have been planted.

You should also know when to plant your tomatoes. Tomatoes react better when replanted in the evening. They will not be under direct sunlight for the first several hours in their new spot, allowing the roots to reach out into the new soil.

A hole approximately four inches deep needs to be dug for each plant. The root ball must be a minimum of three inches below the surface. Any leaves that are below the surface line of the soil must be removed. Otherwise, they will rot and steal nutrients from the plant in the process.

The area around the root ball must be covered and the soil gently compacted, leaving a slight indentation at the base of the plant. Then, it should be given a generous supply of water to assist it in settling in.

Knowing how to plant tomatoes is something that many people today want to learn more about. These steps provide the maximum opportunity for novice growers to have success when planting their tomatoes. Afterwards, it is simply a matter of regular tending to produce a bountiful crop.