Discover The Best Ways For Growing Cherry Tomatoes

For those interested in learning how to grow their own food, cherry tomatoes are one of the most popular selections. They require a minimal growing space, produce fairly quickly and can be eaten right from the vine. Because of the surging interest in home gardening, learning about growing cherry tomatoes is a very popular topic today.

cherryThese small tomatoes grow to approximately an inch in diameter and only take a week to germinate. With full sunlight, harvest-able fruit can be available within two months. Though they require regular watering, the upkeep of them is minimal. Available in both bush and vining varieties, these tomatoes are rich in vitamins A, C, and K. Additionally, they are rich in potassium, which is excellent for muscular health, and fiber, necessary for proper digestive function.

To obtain maximum benefits from these plants, growers need to be certain that they are in a well-lit area. It is imperative that the temperature reach seventy degrees for the plant to thrive. They can be grown from seedlings or seeds but, must be kept away from the outdoors until the last frost has passed.

They must have adequate space to thrive after transplanting outdoors. Plants on the vine may only require a one foot space while those that grow on bushes may need two or more. Sufficient room for root growth and sunlight acquisition are necessary to obtain maximum output.

Like other varieties of tomatoes, cherry tomatoes require plenty of water. Otherwise, the plant output is paltry compared to the well-watered counterparts. Proper drainage ensures that the roots do not become water-locked and begin to rot.

Although the size of the tomatoes is fairly small, their root system is extensive. Ideally, the planting pot is at least eighteen inches in diameter. The more room for the roots to grow, the more the plant will thrive.

Many experienced in planting cherry tomatoes believe that adding a small amount of fertilizer with each watering provides the ideal nutrition for the plants. New growers need to make certain that the fertilizer is well monitored to ensure the plant does not experience chemical burns.

Leaves that show signs of yellowing or browning should be removed. Otherwise, the plant will focus unnecessary energy on repairing the dying leaves rather than toward the tomatoes themselves. Planting a clove or two of garlic in the same container will not have much of an influence on the root space. However, many pests will avoid the plant due to the close proximity to garlic, which many pests find greatly unappealing.

With practice, growing cherry tomatoes is an exciting and enjoyable experience for people with all levels of gardening experience. Having a few plants in a small apartment requires a minimal amount of space while providing fresh and tasty food. Understanding what makes these delectable delights grow is certain to please anyone considering creating their own home garden. The joy of creating food is increasing in a society where people are learning to take charge of their own lives.