Learn When to Plant Tomatoes For The Best Results

Many people today are looking into methods for growing their own food. Among the most popular plants for people to grow is the tomato, due to the ease of care and the versatility of preparation options. However, it is important that you understand several different factors to be successful, including when to plant tomatoes.

when to plantBecause they do not tolerate frost, the general rule of thumb is to wait until the last frost before transferring them outdoors. However, it can be difficult to know when that will be. You can look at the weather history for your city in order to obtain a fairly decent idea. If you grow your tomatoes in containers, you can always transfer them to a safe location should you encounter a freeze warning once they have been taken outdoors.

Some gardening enthusiasts recommend waiting a couple of weeks after the last frost is supposed to have occurred. This helps to give you a window of protection. Remember that it is a better idea to wait the extra time than run the risk of losing your entire crop.

In addition to the frost conditions, you need to be aware of the low temperatures. Even if it is not cold enough to frost, low temperatures during the night can stunt the growth of your tomatoes, reducing the yield of your crops. If you are concerned about your outdoor tomato plants, you can cover them each evening to help insulate them from the chilly nights.

Another way to obtain advice on the right time to plant tomatoes is through your local newspaper. Virtually all of them have a gardening specialist who will provide regular articles filled with their local experience. Not only can you discover the right time, they can provide you with insight into pest control and other relevant information.

Some areas have extreme geographical changes within a small distance. If you live in such an area, you may also want to discuss the matter with your gardening neighbors. They may know secrets about the neighborhood that are even more extensive than that of your local newspaper columnist. Those with experience are often enthusiastic to share their knowledge with others.

Begin your own journal to record your gardening experience. Note the dates that you transfer your tomatoes outdoors and their growth progression throughout the season. Over time, you will begin to notice trends to assist you in future years.

One more thing regarding the cold, consider the location you are planting your tomatoes. These vines need plenty of sunshine to grow so, you do not want to plant them in shady areas. Not only will they receive insufficient sunlight, the temperatures even during the middle of the day will not be as high as other parts of your yard.

Knowing when to plant tomatoes is a critical piece of information for creating a successful garden. Remember that it is best to wait until the temperatures outside are warm enough for the plants to thrive all season.