Learn How To Grow Plump Juicy Tomatoes

Tomatoes are versatile fruits that can be labor intensive to grow, but offer a great return. There is a multitude of interesting varieties to consider and many of these will not be found in local supermarkets.

Tomato Varieties

When it comes to learning how to grow tomatoes successfully, it is of importance to select varieties suited to the climate and the location where they will be grown. The variety is of particular importance when the individual wishes to grow the plants outdoors. Tomato varieties will either be suited for indoor, greenhouses or outdoor growing.

Sowing the Seeds

Many gardeners make a mistake by using too many seeds in the sowing process. The tomato seed germinates well so this will mean only a few will need to be planted. One seed is capable of producing an entire plant, therefore, it is best to plant the seeds spread over a few pots, depending on the amount of plants required. The seedlings will need room to spread out and a way to provide a good rotation would be to sow the seeds every two weeks.

One important step on how to grow tomatoes will be growing the seeds in a slow and progressive method to start off with. When tomato seedlings have grown to an inch in height, they can be transferred to a propagator. This will encourage growth and provide the seedlings with bottom heat.

Tomato seeds that are planted directly into the ground will require the right type of soil. The soil should be mixed up with manure two weeks before the seeds are planted. The area needs to be in a sunny area, as well as be sheltered from the wind as the plant can become easily damaged in windy areas.

Repotting or Planting in the Ground

Tomato plants will need to be repotted when the roots of the plant are visibly growing out the bottom parts of the pots. On average, the tomato plant should be planted in the desired destination around 20 weeks after the seeds have been sown. Prepared soil encourages the tomatoes to ripen in a faster manner.

Watering and Feeding Tomatoes

how to growThe tomato plant should be moist. When the seeds have been planted, it would be best to water the plant by using a plate or saucer filled with water. The saucer will be placed underneath the plant. As the plant begins to grow, watering should increase to twice daily in the warmer months. This will encourage the plants to develop faster. Irregular watering can result in split tomatoes.

When learning how to grow tomatoes, it is advisable to feed the young plants with a fertilizer designed for tomatoes. The plants should be fed once every week or until the plant has begun to produce flowers. At this stage, the fertilizer should be increased to twice a week.

One of the best tips on growing tomatoes for a satisfactory outcome would be to choose a variety that is suitable for the weather in the desired location. So take what you have learned from this article and you can grow the plumpest and juiciest tomatoes in the neighborhood!